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Metairie Pool and Design

Get Started on your dream pool today

Metairie Pool and Design

Get Started on your dream pool today

Pool Installation and Remodelling Metairie, La

Thank you so much for considering Metairie Pool and Design for your pool construction needs. We are a locally owned and operated company based out of Metairie, La. and build swimming pools all over the entire Southeast region of Louisiana. We have been designing and building pools for over 10 years and know all the ins and outs of the pool industry. Our experts in pool design and installation can make your backyard dreams come true. We offer free consultation and design for anyone wanting to build an inground pool in their yard. Having a pool is a great investment. 

There is nothing like being able to come home after a hard day at work to put on your bathing suit, walk right out your back door, and relax next to your own personal oasis. Metairie Pool and Design can make that dream a reality. Our team of experts are standing by to answer all your questions. Contact us today.



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As a pool contractor, we know the difficulties when choosing the right company to build your pool. You can trust that Metairie Pool and Design is the contractor for you. Here are some great tips to consider when choosing a pool contractor.


Ask for references. Do your research. Once you are given references, make sure to follow up on them. You should call past clients and ask them about the pool building process. Ask good questions like the following:

How did you your pool come out?

Was the pool built on time and within budget?

Would you use the company again to build another pool?

What would you have done differently?


When building a pool, you should only use fully licensed and insured pool contractors to oversee and complete your project.



See what they have done and what they can do. Find a contractor who has attention to detail. Pick a contractor who sees your vision for your pool. It is important that the builder can bring your vision to life.

Choose The Best

Metairie Pool and Design, are good at a lot of things, but it is our philosophy to be the best at a few things. That is why we only build and install in-ground pools. Building a pool can be time-consuming, and it is our priority to make sure that our pools get done on time and within budget. Working on only one pool at a time allows us to focus all our time and energy on your project. While this does increase wait times, it ensures that every pool we build gets all our attention.

Being a versatile pool contractor, we install all types of in-ground pools. Because we use the right equipment and latest technology, you can rest assured that when you build a pool with us, the job will be done properly and with the utmost attention to detail. As a full-service pool contractor, we handle all types of renovations and can help transform your backyard from something normal to a spectacular oasis. Take a look at all the services we have to offer, and if you are in the market or thinking about putting in a pool, give Metairie Pool and Design a call today for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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  • Inground pool Installation
  • Pool Remodels
  • Re-Plaster
  • Pool Decks 
  • Fountains and Water features


Time is now! Don’t waste another summer wishing you put in a pool. Call us today and get a free in home consultation and quote.

Metairie Pool and Design has been building pools for over a decade and is excited to bring the newest innovation to our building process. Call us today and see what sets us apart from our competitors. Let us help you get the pool of your dreams. Call us today


Installation – Our company can provide in-ground pool installation in almost any backyard.  We offer cement pool installation and gunite pool installation. If you hire us your inground pool contractor, you can trust that all the work will be done by a qualified team of professionals. Everything from digging the hole to the pool deck will be handled by our team. When you decide to go with Metairie Pool and Design, we will handle your entire pool building project from start to finish. Give us a call to see why 9 out of 10 people decide to go with Metairie Pool and Design when building a swimming pool.

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Renovation if you have an older pool that needs a repair or a facelift then Metairie Pool and Design is the company for you. We can completely redesign the look and feel of your pool. Oftentimes, in-ground pools only need a quick makeover to really transform them into something beautiful. Maybe a new deck built with travertine or stone pavers is what you are looking for. We can install anything from rock features to waterfalls and can change the coping and tile in your pool. If need a pool remodel, make sure to call us today and see all of the things we have to offer. Thank you for considering us, and make sure to give us a call for your free quote and consultation.

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Saltwater Systems– Metairie Pool and Design can transform your pool from chlorine to saltwater with no downtime. Saltwater pools are easy to maintain and require fewer chemicals than the traditional chlorine pools. Saltwater pools do this by using a chemical reaction where salt is converted over to chlorine so very little chlorine needs to be added as the pool’s salt system creates its own.  There are other benefits of saltwater pools as well. The salt in the water makes the water much softer which many clients seem to enjoy. If you have a chlorine pool and would like it converted over to salt, give our experts a call, and we will be glad to go over all the options available with you for saltwater pool conversion. Thank you for choosing Metairie Pool and Design.

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Decking– People in recent years have been upgrading their pool decks from cool deck or cement over to a paver type of deck. Travertine decks are the most popular and make for a beautiful, strong, and resilient decking material. Travertine is much cooler than cement which makes hanging out by the pool much more comfortable during the hot summer months. If you are in the market for new decking, give us a call today.  Our team will work with you to give you competitive pricing and find the deck that fits all your needs.

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Cocktail Pools–  Cocktail pools are small pools usually under 400 square feet. These pools, while small, offer many of the same benefits of having a larger pool. They’re great for a place to hang out in the summer and are a great place to cool off. These pools are easy to maintain and can fit in any yard. Why move to a bigger house with a bigger yard if all you need is a pool? Give us a call today, and let us measure to see if we can put a pool in your space. We offer a free design consultation. Over the last 20 years, pool design has changed drastically.  We can now install pools in most places. So, even if your backyard is small, call our experts today to see how we can help get you in the swimming pool of your dreams.

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Design Features– Metairie Pool and Design can build the pool of your dreams whether you want a waterfall, rock features, fountains, or Baja shelves. If you can envision it, our team can build it. If you are thinking of building a pool, it is important that you manage your expectations. We recommend doing research on different design features installed on today’s newer pools. Understanding the process and benefits of these features helps homeowners make well informed decisions about the pool design process.

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If you are thinking about purchasing or installing a pool, here are some things that we think you should consider before calling a pool contractor:

Pool Design– People have visions of what their pool should be and how it should look.  We help take those visions and put them on paper.  Once approved, we then build a pool in your backyard. There is no such thing as a bad idea; we take all of your ideas and turn them into reality. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pool, there has never been a better time than now.  Pools will add years of enjoyment for your family and friends; rest assured that your children and then your grandchildren will love having a pool. With today’s advancements in pool maintenance, it has never been easier to maintain and keep up a pool.  With automatic vacuums and salt water systems, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done. Give Metairie Pool and Design a call today, and let us walk you through the entire process. Our company works with third-party finance companies so that you can build your pool on your terms. Do not wait any longer. It is time for you to have the pool of your dreams. Give us a call today, and let us make your dream a reality.


Even though you may think you know what you want, we suggest doing a little research before giving us a call. Pools and their amenities are constantly changing every year. New designs and technology make having and owning a pool easier than ever.  You decide what features are important to you and which ones are not. That way when you meet with your designer, we can plot out the perfect design for you.


What type of pool shape do you want?  Make sure to pick a pool that fits your lifestyle. Rectangular pools are great for swimming laps, playing games, and have that classic, timeless look.  Freeform pools look more natural and work better with landscapes and rock features. Getting the right pool that fits your needs will ensure that you are happy with your pool for years to come.


It’s important to answer these questions. Are you getting a pool for your kids, or is it going to be an oasis for you and your spouse to relax? Maybe you just like the idea of having a pool as an architectural statement. Just be sure you know the reason why. These reasons will help us design a pool that is not only beautiful but functional as well. Having a clear purpose really helps our designers find the perfect design and build a pool that fits your needs.


Make sure to consider the long-term cost.  Once a pool is built, it has to be maintained. While pool maintenance is easier than ever these days, but pools cost money to maintain.  Water still must be added and chemicals used plus the electricity of running pumps and water features. On average, a customer can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1800 a year on swimming pool maintenance costs a year.


Pets are considered part of the family, so make sure to take into consideration the space needed for your pets to run, play, and do what pets do. 


Do your research. Finding out exactly how much the average pool costs will help you understand and start figuring the budget you would like to spend on a pool. The national average cost of an inground concrete gunite pool is between $35,000 and $65,000. Prices will vary depending on amenities, size, and materials used to build your project.


Don’t forget about checking with your insurance company before installing a pool. Make sure to contact your insurance agent to see if it will affect your homeowner’s insurance.


Do not skimp on the pool features that you want. Adding features after the pool is built will cost more money than getting them put in at the beginning. Make a list of things that you’re not willing to bend on, and make sure to add those into your budget.


Do not skimp on the pool features that you want. Adding features after the pool is built will cost more money than getting them put in at the beginning. Make a list of things that you’re not willing to bend on, and make sure to add those into your budget.

Choose the Best

Building a pool is not only a long-term investment but also a very important decision. Make sure that everyone and your family is on board. It is also important to consider safety and all measures that need to be taken to keep everyone safe including children and pets. If your heart is set on an inground swimming pool in your backyard, give Metairie Pool and Design a call, and our design team will come out and assess your property to come up with a plan that meets all of your needs. Feel free to give us a call anytime to set an appointment. We hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you for considering Metairie Pool and Design.

I am so glad I chose Metairie Pool and Design for my deck replacement. They did a great job and fished on time. 5 stars all round. Great company

Cliff Wilson

They installed my pool and I could not be happier. I was going back and forth between companies and I so glad I went with the right company.

Melanie M

Well, I’m impressed. I had my doubts But after the first day, I knew I was in good hands. My wife loves the lounge area that they installed. 

Fred S

When building a pool it is often necessary to add flatwork or pavers. If you are need of any other types of decking make sure to check out asphalt paving Lancaster and If you need pool service make sure to check out our partners.  Corpus Christi Pool Builders