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Travertine Pool Deck Installation  

Metairie Pool and Design is not only your go-to pool company in the Metairie area for new pools and pool repair.  We are also in the business of making the surrounding pool area look great by building custom pool decks for our customers so that they can get the most out of their outdoor spaces.  Imagine yourself lounging by the pool on a hot, summer day without a care in the world or listening to the sound of the splashing water from a fountain installed in your pool.  We can help you achieve your dreams with our wide array of pool services.  Contact us today to begin making your dreams a reality.

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One of the best ways to make a statement with your new pool or to improve the look of an older one is to install a new pool deck.  Pool decking is so important to the overall usefulness of the space, and as such, you need to be careful when considering your options.  Metairie Pool and Design can help you by designing a space that takes into consideration what you want out of your pool area, your budget, and your available space.  When you contact our pool contractors, you will not be sorry as we walk you through the process step by step.

One of the most common type of pool desking is poured concrete because of its durability and versatility.  A poured concrete deck is a cost-effective pool decking option, and because it can be colored, shaped, stamped, and scored in all different kinds of ways, clients can get the individualized design they want.  Concrete does have a tendency to heat up in the summer months which is one drawback to using this type of decking in Southeast Louisiana. 

Other options include wood and brick pool decks.  Wood is a beautiful natural material and is excellent for decking, but the material must be sealed yearly and can break apart more easily than other types of decks.  For clients who do not want the upkeep, a wood deck may not be the way to go.  Brick decking is quite beautiful as well and can give a home’s outside area some classic charm.  But similar to concrete, bricks can become very hot in the summer months, and the material can be expensive to lay and may become even over time.

Many clients in the Metairie area install stone tile decks like limestone, travertine, or sandstone because they create a very polished, modern look, and the tiles do not heat up in the sun the way that concrete and stone does.  In particular, travertine tiles have become a top choice for pool decking because they are both practical and beautiful, and they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs.  Because travertine is naturally porous, it decreases the water around the pool area so that your guests are less likely to slip.  It also maintains its color and variation over its lifespan.  Your backyard will feel very polished when you decide to install travertine pool decking.

And if you have pool decking already installed around your pool, but you have begun to see its age, contact us today for a quote on pool deck repairs.  We can resurface what you have, if possible, or rip out your old decking and replace it with the material you have chosen.  No matter what your need, our pool specialists can help.

Water Features 

Giving your pool area a custom design is not only about the style of pool you install or the type of decking you have around it.  Adding a water feature like a fountain, waterfall, water wall, or sconce can add a new dimension to your pool and can keep water circulating through your pool throughout the day.  Plus there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of falling water.  You can create a unique design for your backyard from choosing a water feature to add to your pool design.

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Contact Metairie Pool and Design today.  We are the pool company you have been looking for, and we are eager to help you to transform your backyard into a pool lover’s dream.