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If you have an existing pool that needs a little help, call Metairie Pool and Design today for a free estimate.

Pool Deck Installation 

Not only does Metairie Pool and Design offer new pool installation, we also are in the business of helping you get the most out of your current pool by offering pool resurfacing and pool remodeling services for our clients.  Even the best constructed pool can begin to show wear over time, but with our design team, we can help you to keep your pool in pristine shape or give your pool area an updated look.  Whatever your needs, contact us today, and one of our pool contractors will come to your home, talk with you, assess your pool area, and offer you a free, no obligation quote on repairs or remodeling.  Trust us to give you the help you need to continue to make your backyard an oasis for your family and friends.

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Pool Remodeling

If you are dissatisfied with the way your backyard pool looks, you are not stuck forever.  Metairie Pool and Design can work with you on a pool remodel design that will invigorate your space and make you want to invite friends and family over again for a swim.  When you call us, we will send out a member of our design team to look at your space and your current pool and then talk to you about the changes you want made.  Once we have all of the information, we will present you with a plan within your budget and an estimated time on the remodel.  And because we have years of experience in pool remodeling, we can anticipate some issues that may come up in the restructuring of your pool area and can provide you with backup plans in case of unforeseen issues so that you can rest assured that we will take care of your property in the best way possible and that we will work quickly and efficiently to get you the pool area you have been dreaming of.

Once we begin the pool remodel, we will drain all of the water from the pool, chip away the old plaster, prime the pool’s surface, and then replaster the pool according to your specifications, adding new elements such as new steps or a Baja ledge.  We can also add tile in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles during this process to give your pool a fresh, new look.  Once the new plaster has been set and all necessary changes are made, we will fill the pool back with water, make sure the pumping system is working, and check the pH balance of the water to get you ready for the first swim in your new pool. 

Pool Replastering

Typically, a concrete pool needs to be plastered about every ten to fifteen years.  Signs that your pool may be ready for replastering include discoloration of the plaster caused by salt, copper, or calcium buildup, roughness of the pool’s surface, missing tile inlay, or small surface cracks.  You may also find that you have some larger structural cracks from use over time.  Metairie Pool and Design is the pool company to call if you feel like your entire pool or portions of it need resurfacing or replastering.  In the case of larger cracks, portions of the gunite and shotcrete may need to be removed from the area near the crack and damage to the supporting structures will need to be assessed to make sure that your pool is safe from further damage and that it keeps its integrity over its lifetime.  If you are only encountering normal breakdown of pool material over time, our experts may suggest replastering portions of your pool or resurfacing it completely if necessary.  This involves chipping out the old plaster to the concrete shell of the pool, applying a bond coat to the affected area, and then coating the pool with layers of new plaster in your desired shade.  Metairie Pool and Design can help with even the biggest pool repairs and can offer you affordable pool maintenance so that you can keep enjoying your pool area for years to come.

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Whether your job is big or small, Metairie Pool and Design is the pool company you need to contact.  We offer a wide variety of pool services, and our prices cannot be beat.  With years of experience, our experts have handled it all.  If you are in the Metairie area, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.  We would love to help you keep loving your backyard pool for years to come.